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Beyond the Back

Our Services

Balanced Health Care for Your Whole Body

Men, Women, Children & Senior Health

Natural solutions for specific health issues and specialized care for all stages of life.

Primary Care: Chiropractic Beyond the Back

A wholistic approach to health care that focuses on treating the whole body rather than just symptoms.

Biological & Nutritional Healing

Restoring healthy function and enhancing the body's ability to regulate, grow, repair and maintain natural balance.

Methylation Testing

The Key to Your Health

We utilize state-of-the-art Methylation testing to listen to what your body is communicating. Through collection samples, we can pinpoint what is blocking your body from healing itself. We can help you discover exactly what you need to do to realign your body's natural balance.

Unlock your body's healing potential

Your Body

We listen to your body

Lab Testing

To identify what your body is communicating


Helping your Body Heal Itself Naturally
Get Informed

Make Empowered Choices About Your Health


Learn how you can step up and reclaim your health, in a society that trains us to treat the symptoms instead of correct our health issues.


To experts and specialists in the field giving rock solid advice backed by science to take control over your health.


Everything that they won't tell you about your body, it's ability to heal itself and freeing yourself from a health care system designed to keep you coming back.


Get involved and start your journey on the path to better health through natural methods and the brilliance of your own body.

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