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Natural health care that nourishes your own healing power



You’ve always had the power, my dear. You just had to learn it for yourself.
Glinda, The Good Witch of the North (Wizard of Oz)

 Your Body is Brilliant

Our approach and guiding principle is this: Your Body is Brilliant. Your body can heal itself, with no need for a wizard that often comes in the form of prescription drugs. More so, your body may need an adjustment in thinking. When you understand that pain and misalignment are expressions of biological systems calling for help, you can begin amassing the knowledge and proper care to support your body’s brilliance naturally.


When you enter through the doors of Anunson Chiropractic, you’re like part of the family. Our friendly doctors and support staff provide hometown, personal service that will make you feel at home.

Dr. Wade Anunson, Chiropractor

Wade Anunson


Dr. Wade Anunson

There’s no greater advocate for your body’s health than Dr. Wade Anunson. Thanks to a childhood wrought with ear infections followed by his mother’s wisdom to get to the source of the problem, he learned early that even chronic infections can clear up when the body is supported in its healing process. Prescription drugs might offer a short-term fix for some people, but chiropractic care has been his go-to for long-term health and top performance as an athlete.

Above all, Dr. Anunson is a fierce natural-health and health-freedom champion. He’s an instructor, podcaster, author and influencer who has served in key leadership positions for the Chiropractic Society of Wisconsin. His passion for business systems, human behavior and quality of communications fuel his professional activities, while an active life of wide-ranging interests and utter delight in humanity nurture the authentic relationships he relishes. Through his experience, careful listening and vast knowledge, patients can readily see that he understands them and is on their side.


1994 Doctor of Chiropractic
Palmer College of Chiropractic – Davenport, IA

Valerie Pulvemacher, Chiropractic Tech


Chiropractic Tech
Sena Sperloen, Chiropractic Tech


Chiropractic Tech
Katherine Arnaud, Chiropractic Tech


Chiropractic Tech



We are holistic chiropractors and health advocates who celebrate the brilliance of the human body. We support your health by addressing root causes, rather than just symptoms, and we honor, without judgment or pressure, your level of readiness to make changes for living your best life.

  • Chiropractic care for a healthy spine
  • Thermographic spinal stress analysis
  • Physical exam to evaluate biological systems
  • Comprehensive laboratory blood analyses
  • Evidence-aligned nutritional counseling
  • Empowering education
  • All-natural supplements for targeted nutritional support
  • Aspen laser to treat pain and heal tissue

Payments & Insurance Coverage

While most of our patients pay privately (out of pocket), we gladly welcome those using the following insurances:

  • Dean Health Plan
  • Medicare
  • Personal Injury
  • Workman’s Comp
  • ChiroHealthUSA(R), a discount medical plan organization available to anyone for a low annual fee

What our patients are saying…

Our daughter age 10 was suffering from bells palsy, the right side of her face was paralyzed. We took her to Anunson chiropractic not only was our experience fantastic we saw IMMEDIATE results. Dr Anunson and staff were phenomenal, very inviting, professional and most of all made our daughter feel comfortable in the most worrisome time. all care and treatments were explained thoroughly and confidently. I highly recommend Anunson Chiropractic. Thank you Dr Anunson and staff for helping our girl smile again!

I had no idea chiropractic could be anything more than a short-term fix by adjustments. My experience elsewhere over many years found limited success because the visits never fully fixed the problem. Dr. Anunson’s holistic approach has opened my eyes to the critical nature of specific high-quality nutrients AND has solved my musculoskeletal pain.

Our ever-present goal is for the patient to win! Are you ready?




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